She was a tough negotiator on my behalf through the entire process.  She stood up for me when I couldn’t.  Ultimately we negotiated through the EEOC with my employer and came to an agreeable settlement for me.  I was able to put this behind me and move forward with my life.

Today I am happy, content and financially secure.  I have moved on.  Living well is truly the best revenge!  We as women sometimes feel we don’t have the right to speak up for ourselves.  It is the way we are cultured.  Stacey will speak for you when you can’t do it for yourself.

                                              - T.C.

I highly recommend Stacey Vucko Attorney at Law.  Her expert and timely legal guidance enabled me to secure both unemployment benefits and monetary reward due to an employment situation involving forced termination.  Stacey provided thorough explanations of all facets of the legal process pertaining to my case.  Her legal expertise and humanistic approach were invaluable in enabling me to navigate the legal process and garner satisfactory resolution to my legal matter. 

                                            - R.D.

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