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"Without hesitation, I highly recommend Stacey Vucko, Attorney at Law of Vucko Law LLP. Regardless the cause, the unexpected termination of employment can be both emotionally and financially devastating. Stacey is extremely well-versed in employment law, employee rights and employer responsibilities. Thanks to her wise counsel and expertise, I didn’t sign an egregiously unfair termination agreement and held out for both more money and better terms. Most important to me, though - Stacey listened. She made it her job to understand my goals and remind me of them when necessary. Stacey is careful to provide objective guidance without steering the decision, so I had ownership of the process throughout. Ultimately, I benefitted greatly working with Stacey and Vucko Law LLP." 

                                                                                                                      - S.B. 


"She was a tough negotiator on my behalf through the entire process.  She stood up for me when I couldn’t.  Ultimately we negotiated through the EEOC with my employer and came to an agreeable settlement for me.  I was able to put this behind me and move forward with my life.

Today I am happy, content and financially secure.  I have moved on.  Living well is truly the best revenge!  We as women sometimes feel we don’t have the right to speak up for ourselves.  It is the way we are cultured.  Stacey will speak for you when you can’t do it for yourself."   

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 - T.C.



"I highly recommend Vucko Law to anyone, especially women, who need legal assistance. I was extremely hesitant and scared to go against my current employer, they are a Top 50 fortune company, however I knew that I had a case to pursue. English is a second language and it’s hard for me to explain myself, moreso , I didn’t know how to start a discrimination case. I called maybe 5  law firms and Stacey was the only one, who gave me time to tell my story. 


Stacey went above and beyond to legally assist me. She always takes her time explaining every option to me. During the Covid 19 dilemma that we had to go to downtown Chicago, she even offered to go together. She even drove. How many lawyers will do that?


Stacey is very detailed and made sure I was comfortable in every step of the way. A settlement was made and I am still employed. I can now move on with my life 


Thanks to Stacey."

                                                                                                         - G.



"I highly recommend Stacey Vucko Attorney at Law.  Her expert and timely legal guidance enabled me to secure both unemployment benefits and monetary reward due to an employment situation involving forced termination.  Stacey provided through explanations of all facets of the legal process pertaining to my case.  Her legal expertise and humanistic approach were invaluable in enabling me to navigate the legal process and garner satisfactory resolution to my legal matter."

                                                                                                                            - R. D. 

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