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If you have been treated less favorably at work because you are or were pregnant, you may have a claim for pregnancy discrimination.

Federal and state laws prohibit your employer from using your pregnancy against you.

The law gives women the right to reasonable accommodations in the workplace for their pregnancy and related conditions. In addition, Illinois employers are prohibited from:

  • Denying your request for reasonable accommodations

  • Retaliating against you because you are pregnant or have requested accommodations for your health or the health of your baby 

  • Refusing to hire you or to promote you because you are pregnant 

  • Firing you because you are pregnant

The law also affords you certain rights once you have welcomed your new family member, including workplace nursing opportunities and family and medical leave. 

If you would like to learn more information about your workplace rights, Vucko Law LLP is available at (312) 522-2517.

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