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Vucko Law Attorneys Quoted in Joliet Patch Article on Civil Rights Lawsuit Against the Joliet Police

Vucko Law attorneys were quoted in a Joliet Patch article which discusses a lawsuit alleging civil rights violations against the Joliet Police Department. In the article, Patch reporter John Ferak reports:

"Jackson's is also a race discrimination case and unfortunately, it is only the tip of the iceberg," write Jackson's lawyers, Stacey Vucko and Joseph Vucko, of Vucko Law in Oak Brook. "Minority Joliet police officers have long sought redress from state and federal courts, complaining of Joliet administrative level police officers' resistance to affirmative action, use of ethnic slurs, abuses of power, discriminatory promotional practices, frivolous internal affairs charges and other acts that have humiliated and embarrassed them and held them back in their careers."

To read the complete article, click here

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