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Workplace harassment on the basis of a legally protected characteristic is degrading, demoralizing and illegal. A legally protected characteristic could include the following: 

  • Race

  • Color

  • Gender/ Sex

  • ​Pregnancy

  • ​Age (40 and over)

  • Religion

  • Disability 

  • National Origin

  • Ancestry

  • Order of protection status

  • Marital status

  • Military status

  • Unfavorable discharge from military service

  • ​Sexual orientation (including gender-related identity)

  • Parental status


 If you have been subjected to frequent, severe, physically threatening or humiliating behavior by your employer, whether it is through a coworker or supervisor, and it unreasonably interferes with your work performance, Vucko Law LLP is available at (312) 522-2517 to discuss your workplace rights with you. Our attorneys have significant experience representing clients in employment disputes before the EEOC and IDHR and in court.

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