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If your employer has treated you less favorably than other employees because of your gender, you may have a claim for gender discrimination.

Federal and state laws prohibit Illinois employers from discriminating against women in the workplace. 

Gender discrimination can take many forms. Illinois employers may not:

  • Reject a job applicant because she is a woman

  • Fire an employee because she is a woman

  • Refuse to promote a female employee because of her gender

  • Pay men more than women for substantially equal work 

  • Fail to provide women with equal opportunities for advancement within the workplace

  • Allow a woman to be subjected to a harassing or hostile work environment

  • Fail to make reasonable workplace accommodations for pregnant women

If you believe that your employer has discriminated against you, Vucko Law LLP offers free initial consultations to discuss your legal rights and can be reached at (312) 522-2517.

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